Hoarding FAQs

General Queries

Our services vary depending on what scope of work you are requesting. We are able to customize any project to fit any budget.  We also offer to finance with interest as low as 5.5% with no collateral.  Ask about our financing application.

We operate 7 days a week and our emergency services are 24/7.

Yes we do.  We find that most hoarder properties are in need of repairs, updating, and remodeling.  We can do all of the above for you with our licensed contractors.  We can handle everything from plumbing, AC, roofing, and interior remodeling.  Ask for a free estimate.

Yes, our vehicles say nothing but our company name on them.  Our employees are uniformed but have no services listed on the uniforms.  If we are asked about our work we simply say we are remodeling.

Insurance typically does not pay for the services.  We do offer to finance for all of our projects with interest as low as 5.5%.

You can if you want everything thrown away.  Junk removal companies do just that, remove junk.  We realize that many items in a home are extremely valuable.   A one size fits all approach is NOT a good idea in a hoarder home.  Our ability to customize these projects is what makes us unique.  Our ability to empathize with our clients is what makes us GREAT.

We will photograph and separate the valuables for you. The entire process is documented by photo for liability reasons.

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